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We have over 1,000 molds to choose from.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wax Melt Warmers, planters, etc.  Paint yourself or one of our professionals can glaze it for you.
Bird Houses/Feeders
Down to Earth Ceramics, Glass and More: ceramics, glass, statuary, wood and painting
Looking for something fun to do? Want to bring out your inner artist?

Down to Earth is a unique home décor store that allows you, the customer, the opportunity to personalize ceramic and glass products while utilizing our studio, supplies and knowledge.

Fun for all ages and for the WHOLE family.

Come in a pick out a pre-fired bisque ware and use our studio and supplies to paint it how you like.  We will then fire the piece in one of our kilns to ensure you have a beautiful and long lasting product.

We have over 1,000 molds to choose from.  If we don't already have it in bisque form, we can pour it and have it ready for you to put your artistic touch on in a matter of days.  

Classes are available to teach: green ware preparation and cleaning, bisque glazing, glazing techniques and more.

Open Monday through Friday 12pm to 8pm and Saturday 11am to 7pm as well as available for special events, birthdays, office parties, and more.

Call 918-822-7956 today or drop by and see us in person.

We have all the tools and knowledge you will need to custom paint your very own piece.  We have a variety of glazes to choose from and we will kiln fire your masterpiece for you.
We have bird houses, squirrel houses, and feeders that are for sale.  We offer do it yourself kits as well so you can paint and assemble at home.
Glass slumping
We take glass bottles and precisely fire them to produce a beautiful slumped piece that is perfect for: cheese trays, wall decorations, clocks, or whatever you can think of.
Green ware
Kiln Preperation
We pour and clean all our green ware in our studio.  We offer classes on how to make your own ceramics.  All green ware is cleaned and examined for imperfections before firing.
We have three kilns in operation to ensure that your item will be fired and ready within a week.  Glazed pieces are fired afterwards to produce a beautiful sheen and durable product.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.