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The Oklahoma Production Center (OPC), established 1981 is a Private, Non-Profit organization providing Residential, Vocational, and Educational services to individuals with disabilities.  

OPC provides community job contracts including Janitorial Services, Trash Services,

Sub-contract assembly, Ground Maintenance, and more.  Contact us today for a no obligation quote of any services we may be able to provide. 

Office - (918) 456-1929

Fax - (918) 456-1969




We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Vocational Job Coach

  • Residential HTS

Earn up to $3000 in DSP incentive payments!


The Oklahoma Production Center has job openings for direct care staff in a residential or vocational setting with developmentally disabled adults. Participate in DSP+, a new incentive program for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), designed to recognize your crucial role in caring for vulnerable oklahomans.


Apply at 


here's how it works:

Enroll in DSP+ by Jan 31st, 2024 at

After working a full calendar month post-enrollment, receive a $1000 retention incentive by the end of March (if enrolled by jan 31, 2024)

Every six months until Jan 31st, 2025 receive an additional $1000 incentive payment.

Employees are responsible for 7.65% in employment taxes, as well as federal and state withholding taxes, on the incentive. 

Eligibility for staff regularly working in a DDS home.

Interested? please visit our employment section and fill out our application.

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